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Whatever happened to the Quantopian-Point72 partnership?

In light of Fawce's Big News for the Community: More Opportunities to License Your Algorithms, it occurred to me "Whatever happened to the Quantopian-Point72 partnership?" Is it still going strong? Has the entire $250M committed by Point72 been allocated to licensing Quantopian author algorithms, and Point72 wants to put a hold on things to see how it plays out? Will Point72 get first dibs over new institutional investors? Or is Point72 now one of the so-called third-party institutional investors and will have to compete with them for our IP?

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The last thing definite on this I heard (on Mar 23, 2018) was:

Hi Grant,

Yes, the $250M commitment with Steve Cohen/P72 is still in place. Certain regulations govern what we can or cannot say about the arrangement. We can say our new contest's criteria is a great guide for creating strategies that may qualify for an allocation from us. I hope this helps.