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when can we see quantopian's version of the daily ohlcv?

does anyone know the answer to the title question? i am in the pacific time zone, it's 4:40 here (7:40 eastern) and i can't find today's values.

also, what is the easiest way to see the values? the way i am checking it is to print the previous history / data history. that seems less than optimal. hoping there is a better way.


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If you paper trade you see 15-minute delayed live data. Otherwise in the backtester I think they become available the next day -- not sure exactly when.

The only ways I know of to see values is to print/log or use record()

clearly i must be doing something wrong.... it is 3:16 am on 08.16.17 in the pacific time zone and the most current day i can select in the backtester is 08.14.17. the only ohlcv values i can print out are from the close of last friday 08.11.17.

i saw another post similar to this and it talked about disabling the 'automatic date picker'. either that is an old reference or it is a hard to find setting (i can't find it).

there must be some people keeping a trading journal based on their paper trading strategy. i just don't know how they keep track of the system on a day to day basis.

I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish. The dates in the date selector don't update unless you navigate away from the algorithm and then open it again.

You're trying to keep a real-time journal of your algorithm's performance? Run a backtest, click "live trade algorithm" and select Quantopian paper trade. Then you can check on it whenever you want and the results will only be 15-minute delayed.

The data pipeline was slower than usual last night. It is resolved now.

For future reference, we try to put things like this on our status page:


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