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Who is going to the QuantCon?

Who is going to Quantcon 2015. I live in Texas. However I am planning to attend. Lets disrupt Wall Street Quantopians :D
March 14 2015
9 00 am 5 00 pm
175 Varick Street
New York


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If they had a Chicago event, absolutely.

I wish. Hopefully videos of the seminars will be uploaded :)

Are there any videos of talks at previous QuantCon events that are publically accessible?

Well Quantopian offers Meetups in Boston. The last one I have ask if they can do a hang outs or skype or any sort of Webminar. I think that it would be useful for all of the quantopians that are remote.


$330 round trip from the best coast, tanking oil prices have made this an easy call. Is there a discount code for the early bird or is that just the early bird price on there?

Yes the there is a 25% OFF Coupon QuantopianQuantCon201525

Thanks for that, see you in March.

I am. Thanks for the coupon code!

I'm considering, if only to meet some of the headliners in person, of whom I've only read their works or chatted over email about their services.

Depending upon the attendance size, it would also be interesting to see how/what other retail folks actually implement in real dollars in regards to quantitative finance.
$40 r/t on the megabus and a discount code to boot -- now, it's just a matter of ones "free time".

Rudiger - I'm guessing this is their first, since the website was just created only last November. Only the meet-ups like EG mentioned previously.

Damn. I would go, but I would be out of country then . Damn.

If I still lived there I'd be going in a heartbeat, but I am already pretty booked for other coding/quant conferences this year.

I'm going. What other quant conferences are there?

Hi everyone,

Due to the overwhelming response and great interest in QuantCon, we have changed venues! Still being held in NYC and on 3/14, we have moved the event to Convene at 730 Third Avenue.

Tickets are still available at early bird pricing. And more great speakers have been added - check out our latest line-up here:

QuantCon Details:

QuantCon 2015 will feature key experts including Ernie Chan, Sarah Biller, Matt Trudeau, and Michael Kearns, who will give a series of engaging workshops and talks, focusing on how to improve your investment performance by exploring algorithmic trading strategies and applying open-sourced ethos to your investment ideas.

Ticket includes: one day of expert workshops led by an amazing lineup, cocktail networking hour, and great food. Reserve your spot today at:

Hope to see you there!


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Notice Tucker Balch there at the end of the video...

BattleFin Discovery's capital-meets-quant love fest

Maybe you'll recognize other quants there...

Do you guys think its worth it for a college undergrad to go?

I think that the speaker line up looks like it is worth coming up from DC and the potential networking makes it a slam dunk case for me.

I'll be there.

I'll be there as well, hope other Boston quants go as well!
See you in the big apple.

Is there still a discount code available?