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Why my backtest is so different from yours?

The algorithm is the same. This is my backtest for the last 2 years.

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This is your backtest. Hope for your reply.

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I'd check your commissions and slippage in your first backtest. That seems to be the usual suspect with this kind of problem.
If you don't have any stated commission which will look like the following.

set_commission(commission.PerShare(cost=0.000, min_trade_cost=0))  

Then your using Quantopian's default slippage model which I think is 0.001 per share with a $0 minimum cost per order.

The first backtest (ID 5d4751f7ddf49b626ff01028) was run as a full backtest in the user's account. It uses any commission and/or slippage models which are set in the code (eg set_commission(commission.PerShare(cost=0.000, min_trade_cost=0)) . The results are based upon those models.

The second backtest (ID 5d4716b08771d5657da5b623) was submitted and run as a contest entry. Contest entries are required to use the default commission and slippage models. If these are specified differently in the code, then the code is disregarded and the defaults are used.

It appears the difference between the two is the commission and/or slippage models. The later uses the defaults.

This is a good example of how some algos can be very sensitive to these parameters.


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Something that may work to improve results with commissions is to decrease your turnover. The top tearsheet is showing 200%+ turnover which is pretty high. If your strategy allows you to cap your daily turnover then doing so could help with the after commission performance.

Dan and Spencer, thank you for your explanation.I increased the rebalancing period and set the slippage and commissions to default.

for i in range(0,22,10):  
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