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Why set_universe contains the leveraged EFT's?

It is simple to use set_universe to get all the tradable securities
but when I add set_do_not_order_list(security_lists.leveraged_etf_list)
I am busy error handling.

Can set_universe by default bring the list does not contain these "blacklisted" securities.

import talib  
def initialize(context):  
    # we want to try this on a range of highly liquid stocks  
    set_universe(universe.DollarVolumeUniverse(98, 99))

def handle_data(context, data):  
    days = 7  
    prices = history(bar_count=days, frequency='1d', field='price').dropna(axis=1)  
    volumes = history(bar_count=days, frequency='1d', field='volume').dropna(axis=1)  
    # Store each stock's OBV value in a dict  
    # obv = {'sid1': val1, 'sid2': val2, ...}  
    obv = {}  
        for stock in volumes:  
            obv[stock] = talib.OBV(prices[stock], volumes[stock])[-1]  
        # Rank obv values in ascending order (in a list of tuples)  
        # obv = [(sid1, val1), (sid2, val2), ...]  
        log.error("key error")  
    obv = sorted(obv.items(), key=lambda x: x[1])  
    obv_length = len(obv)  
    obv_long = obv[:10]  
    obv_short = obv[obv_length-10:]  
    if context.account.total_positions_value == 0:  
        for stock in obv_long:  
            #Giving order of 5% of portfolio  
            order_target_percent(stock[0:][-2], 0.05)  
        for stock in obv_short:  
            order_target_percent(stock[0:][-2], -0.05)  
    record(leverage= context.account.leverage)

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You are having errors with particular securities. For example:

2011-09-30handle_data:20ERRORkey error, stock= Equity(26721 [MOS])
2011-10-10handle_data:20ERRORkey error, stock= Equity(5025 [MI])
2012-01-12handle_data:20ERRORkey error, stock= Equity(26390 [BBBB])
2015-04-09handle_data:20ERRORkey error, stock= Equity(205 [AGN])

There is pricing data:

2011-01-04handle_data:9DEBUGAGN price=70.07
2011-01-04handle_data:11DEBUGBBBB price=41.78
2011-01-04handle_data:13DEBUGMI price=6.98
2011-01-04handle_data:15DEBUGMOS price=75.0

If you go farther, you can see both missing pricing and/or volume data.

Take a look at the attached backtest. Look at the logging output.

2011-01-04handle_data:29WARNNo volume for Equity(2 [AA])
2011-01-04handle_data:34WARNNo price for Equity(2 [AA])
2011-01-04handle_data:29WARNNo volume for Equity(62 [ABT])
2011-01-04handle_data:34WARNNo price for Equity(62 [ABT])
2011-01-04handle_data:29WARNNo volume for Equity(114 [ADBE])
2011-01-04handle_data:34WARNNo price for Equity(114 [ADBE])
2011-01-04handle_data:29WARNNo volume for Equity(328 [ALTR])
2011-01-04handle_data:34WARNNo price for Equity(328 [ALTR])

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There was a runtime error.

Hi Christian;

I get this error when running the backtest between 1st Mar 2013 to 31st Aug 2013

There was a runtime error on line 49.  
Order for 1190 shares of Equity(37133 [TZA]) at 2013-03-01 00:00:00+00:00 violates trading constraint set_do_not_order_list.Learn More  

ie my universe is full of leveraged etfs. So now I will need to think of a way around this.
Not being a programmer, this becomes demotivating for me. As I manage to spare about 1hr in a
day on quantopian and waste it in handling these leveraged ETF's in the universe which Quantopian
must have got rid of in first place. . . .

That's My view.
Else there could be function of removing them from universe which avoids these etfs
from algo itself and not throw error when ordering.

The code provided provides the solution.

You start with a set of securities in your universe (1-n). This code weeds those out:


You only have to add it one time for each algo. You can also save time by copying/pasting common code like this into each new algo you design.

Please be aware that each contest has specific criteria. Because of the 2x, 3x leverage, the ETFs are being excluded from one or more contests.

I think I am not able to communicate (to/fro) properly.
You can find line4 in my shared post.


and once I added this line I get this error in the backtest.

The function set_universe gives back a percentile of all the securities ordered by dollar-volume.
And it can include also leveraged ETFs, as the function was designed well before the Quantopian Open contest and its rules.

The guard set_do_not_order_list(security_lists.leveraged_etf_list) "only" prevents you to execute orders on a leveraged Security (all those included in the leveraged_etf_list) and does not remove them from your universe.
So when you try to execute an order on one Security in the list, an exception is raised and your program terminates with an error.

If you wish to trade a universe without (leveraged) ETFs I suggest to use as universe a proxy of the S&P500 as suggested in this post

Thanks Nicola for pointer
I will use it. . .

Take a look at the example shared here:

To avoid ordering these leveraged ETFs from set_universe you can do something like:

for sec in data:    # loop over the securities in your universe  
   if sec in data:    #check that we have a current price for the security  
        if sec not in security_lists.leveraged_etf_list:     #remove leveraged ETfs  
                 order_target(sec, 100)  

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Won't making another array to store all the securities excluding ETFs help ? Maybe something like this

def initialize(context):  
    set_universe(universe.DollarVolumeUniverse(floor_percentile=95.0, ceiling_percentile=100.0))  
    context.reqd_data = []  
def handle_data(context,data):  
    for stock in data:  
        if stock in security_lists.leveraged_etf_list:  
            context.reqd_data.append(stock)             # update the list everyday