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Will someone please help me write a very simple algo.

I want to write a really simple algo, but I need some help. I have a csv file (below) that I want to be looked at. I want the algo to read the date symbol and then place an order the next trading day to buy the open.

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From Quant help, the "" won't work:

Importing Files from Dropbox
Many users find Dropbox to be a convenient way to access CSV files. To use Dropbox, you need to use the 'Public URL' provided by Dropbox. A common mistake is to use a URL of format, which is a URL about the file, not the file itself. Instead, you should use the Public URL which has a format similar to

It will work, but you're not doing it properly. Your link is not a public link. To get the public link you need to logon to your Dropbox account and activate the public folder. Files put in the public folder gets a public link, which is a direct link to the file as opposed to a link to a download page (such as the one you have).

I have to be able to be a pro user to be able to do that, but you can access it directly as a csv through:

As for the rest of the algo, I don't have much experience with this.

@Spencer S., have a look at this post: Signal entries and exits applied from CSV..