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Will TD Ameritrade get any love?

I have been wishing to algo trade on my ira, but it is held through TD Ameritrade. I haven't seen really anything on the forms about TD so I thought I would ask if anything is in the works or will be in the future. Or does any member know how to trade on TD maybe through applications since their api isn't for everyone?

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For now I've considered entering the trades manually since that would work with some algorithms that trade less frequently. Basically using Quantopian as a screener to pick stocks. Not sure how profitable algo trading would be with TD Ameritrade because I think IB has lower commissions, but it seems like TD Ameritrade will reduce commissions for frequent traders and algo trading would probably qualify for that. Does anyone on here have API access on TD Ameritrade? From what I saw, TD Ameritrade uses its own scripting language for algo trading as well, so the Quantopian code would need to be converted first.