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Zipline error

Hi everyone!

I am new in this community and very happy so far what I am learning, my big issue is I am getting error with Zipline, I copied the algorithm "Instability of Parameter Estimates" but I am getting this error:

%matplotlib inline import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import pandas as pd
import math
import zipline

%%zipline --start 2000-1-1 --end 2014-1-1 -o perf_dma from zipline.api import order_target, record, symbol, history, add_history

def sharpeRatio(asset, riskfree):
return np.mean(asset-riskfree)/np.std(asset-riskfree)
start = '2012-01-01'
end = '2013-01-01'
treasury_ret = get_pricing('BIL', fields='price', start_date=start, end_date=end).pct_change()[1:]
pricing = get_pricing('AMZN', fields='price', start_date=start, end_date=end)
returns = pricing.pct_change()[1:] # Get the returns on the asset

ERROR:root:Cell magic %%zipline not found.

Has anyone run into the same problem?


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Hi Vincent,

If you're trying to do this in one of our Research notebooks, it won't work because Research doesn't support the Zipline cell magic. You can instead backtest in Research using the technique demonstrated in this example notebook.


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@Vincent Hansen , I get the same error. Did you ever resolve this. I'm trying to run Zipline in a notebook on my desktop (outside the Research environment). In theory, we are supposed to be able to do that, no? So I'd like an answer to this question:

How do I import the Zipline "Cell Magic" into a Jupyter notebook I'm running on my desktop?

Obviously, I have successfully installed Zipline on my computer.

O.k., I'm going to answer my own question. Steps to run --help are:

  • Run a cell with %load_ext zipline
  • Run the command in the notebook with a single percent sign instead of two: %zipline run --help

This worked for me. Apparently, when this tutorial notebook was created, the double %% cell magic worked, but now it doesn't. It would be interesting to know why. Changes within the Zipline code in more recent versions, perhaps?