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Stephen Harlin, MD
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Since 2008, my full-time focus has been developing decision support systems for trading the S&P futures market.  I’ve written countless indicators for TDAmeritrade’s Thinkorswim platform.  In 2009, I completed TDAmeritrade’s Investools full educational program in fundamental analysis, technical analysis, advanced options strategies, futures and currency trading.  From 2010-12, I undertook mentorships with Lawrence McMillan (options strategies), Chris Capre (Ichimoku trend trading), and Harris Landgarden (auction market principles).

My current research focus is in identifying the principal neurobiological mechanisms underpinning investment decisions.  My portfolio work strives to use algorithmic trading strategies as a decision support tool. I closely track four measures of market activity shown to have predictive value:  non-block institutional money flows, option volume, implied volatility, and implied correlation.  I manage my own investment portfolio and have developed algorithmic decision support tools to trade futures on the S&P.  []