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Brian Weber
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The majority of my knowledge and experience is in the oil and gas, and maritime industries since I am an ocean engineer by day. However, I am also adept at the Technology industry. My technical skills include Python, MySQL and R. Recently I enrolled in Coursera's Data Science Specialization to learn more about how to use tools to analyze data to develop and predict solutions to complex problems.

My interest in stock market trading began in my early 20's while discussing my father's first corporate job as bank manager at a Capital One branch. Since then I have immersed myself in the markets, particularly options trading. I am technically inclined by nature which is why I am drawn to Quantopian's website since they provide the tools to back-test my trading ideas. 

I'm always interested in meeting or having a conversation over the phone with like minded people interested in finance. My cell phone and personal website can be seen below:

Cell: +1-941-779-7920