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Amir Vahid
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Data scientist holding a PhD in chemical engineering and a postdoc in chemistry with the specialization in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Over 10 years of experience in multidisciplinary areas in Data analysis in different fields such as medical, finance, healthcare, and robotics utilizing multiple languages including FORTRAN, C++, Java, and Python using database tools like relational database (MySQL), NoSQL(MongoDb), and real time (Kafka). I believe in the agile data science techniques which results in the faster and more robust industry portable products. I implemented the latest AI technologies at Life Elixir LLC such as NLP, deep learning techniques in building different predictive products for finance and healthcare including trading strategies, cancer detection and prediction using medical images and biological data.

I have implemented my knowledge in building new products as an industry solution at Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric offers powerful solutions for model based advanced applications, such as operator training systems, real time optimization, advanced process control or online performance monitoring. These solutions are generally recognized by integrating tools for simulation, data acquisition and storage as delivered by SimSci and Wonderware, namely PRO/II, DYNSIM, Connoisseur, ROMEO-ARPM, OPCGateway, FSGateway, FSIM, TRISIM, InTouch and Wonderware Historian. I applied my skills in extending and optimizing the models of the between these programs. 

I have the passion for learning new areas of business and science and also provide insights and values to others.
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