The Quantopian Workshops

A Hands-On Learning Approach to Quantitative Finance

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What Are They?

A Quantopian Workshop will give you the ability to create your own trading strategies and to correct for some of the statistical biases that can handicap analysis. The curriculum has been vetted and used to teach by professors at top-tier universities, including MIT Sloan and Stanford.

Vetted By Professors
Pavlos Protopapas, Director at Harvard IACS
Delaney can explain complex concepts clearly and thoroughly. Students and scholars are able to understand quantitative finance concepts through his lectures. These lectures are examples for future speakers in our program.
Victoria Averbukh, Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan
The Quantopian workshop offered real value to our students. It engaged them in thinking of various aspects of quantitative trading strategies and taught them to code and backtest their models. All of that was done in a classroom setting where learning and interaction was key.
The curriculum is sourced from the Quantopian Lecture Series. Each workshop is tailored to meet demand, but here is a sampling of topics.
Linear regression, beta forecasting, and beta hedging.
Correlation analysis and spearman rank correlation.
Model misspecification and overfitting.
Factor models and risk exposure.
Long-short equity strategies and ranking universes by factors.
Volatility forecasting with ARCH and GARCH models.
How We Teach

The workshops include theoretical and hands-on exercises using real financial data. All the concepts are tangible and we present code to perform every analysis. We believe this approach can impart far more than pure theory; our collection of learning materials, analysis tools, and integrated data allow us to teach in unprecedented ways.

The Lecturers

The workshops have been developed by Delaney Granizo-Mackenzie, engineer and academic lead at Quantopian, whose focus is on the intersection of computer science, statistics, and finance. His background includes seven years of bioinformatics research and delivering these lectures at schools including Harvard, Cornell, MIT, and Stanford.

In addition to Delaney, we have partnered with local experts to bring the workshops to new destinations.